Diamond Proposal Ring Shopping Guide

Tips For Buying The Perfect Proposal Ring

A diamond ring is a great way to propose your love to that someone special that is your one true love. Just imagine how much more romantic your magical occasion could become if you expressed your undeniable affection with a selection from a line of custom designed rings that are available.


Solitaire Diamond Proposal Ring

One of the key points of interest when looking to invest in a diamond cut in this style is that it was used to maximize the beauty of each crystal. This differs greatly from today, where machine cut diamonds are cut more to retain diamond weight as much as possible. Modern day diamonds also have the same proportions as they are laser cut by machines to very specific dimensions. You can find a huge variety of diamond proposal ring in the market such as three stone diamond engagement ring, vintage diamond engagement ring, solitaire diamond ring, and designer diamond ring.

Millions and millions of styles and designs are developed to bring out the best in these rings through highly sophisticated workmanship and intricacy. Solitaire diamond rings exhibit amazing finesse and patterns and never fail to impress the wearer as well as the onlooker.  The striking contrast of sun-kissed gold and silvery diamonds seen in gold diamond rings is simply out of the world and merges well with almost all your beautiful outfits and attractive accessories.


No matter what shape or style of jewelry shoppers are hoping to acquire, they are sure to find it if they shop around a bit. One specialty type of diamond is the ideal cut. An ideal cut has its own unique and beautiful qualities.  Once you have a basic idea of what you want and have established a good set of financial ground rules, it’s time to find a good jeweler. A highly qualified professional with experience in creating custom diamond rings will be able to offer the assistance you require in order to offer you the one-on-one assistance you require. Look for someone who has experience and expertise, but someone who you can trust to help you create beautiful and unique custom rings.  For this reason, we would recommend JannPaul Diamonds Singapore jeweler store located in Orchard road. They are well-known for helping their customers in designing unique custom made diamond proposal rings. You can check out their Singapore engagement ring Tumblr blog to learn more.

JannPaul unique heart-shaped proposal ring

The setting is the backbone of the ring. It will not only offer beauty and the diamond shine, but will also hold your diamond in place. When choosing a setting, you will have many different options to choose from when you work with custom rings. The settings can be made from gold, silver, platinum and titanium. Every different substance has something to special to offer.

There are several reasons why you should seriously consider buying a custom diamond ring as your engagement ring. You can narrow down your choices according to price range and the specific style you want. It is best that you always have creative control over designing your engagement ring.

To customize your diamond engagement ring, visit a professional jeweler. Communicate to them the specific design you want for your engagement ring. You will also be able to choose from white gold, gold, or platinum to use for making your ring. If you are keen about symbols, you can choose a design that represents something of value to your relationship. If you are going to customize at all, why not take that step further? It does not have to be totally fancy but you have to look at it as an opportunity to represent that important day in your lives together.

When it comes to style, you have more options for a custom diamond ring. For instance, it could either be one band or double bands. When it comes to the number of diamonds, you can go for a single one or add several diamonds. In addition, you can choose over a round, oval, square, or emerald cut diamond. It might seem like a tough work with so many to consider but if you are passionate about giving something special to your loved one, then you can look at this as a fun and exciting experience. they specialize in customized proposal ring designs.



After all, you want something unique and personal. So it is important to evaluate your design options and infuse your creativity when customizing your engagement diamond ring. Nowadays, it is difficult for you to find engagement ring designs that are stylish, beautiful, and unique.

Aside from gaining control over the design, you also have control over the cost. This is very important, especially for those working on a limited budget. Therefore, you need to create a set budget and make sure that you purchase diamond ring within your desired price range. When you customize, it enables you to decide what materials you are going to use, which are very important in determining the price of the ring. In the end, it is all about making your loved one happy and a custom diamond ring Singapore never disappoints.



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